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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  July 20, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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they apparently are going to turn it back over to the owners. investigators could be seen from the air thursday morning bounding through chest high corn stalks. a horse trailer hauled in by the state police evident the animals used in the search all part of a final look. >> you want to make sure there's nothing left behind, no other body or no other evidence there? >> certainly. that's our objective, yes. >> reporter: to meet their goal two large black county trucks were brought in along with a vehicle with military markings and philly police department's k9 unit. the da says, the property must be returned soon to the owner. the dinardo family. >> we want to make sure that we get it right. that we don't miss any evidence. there's an old saying in construction, measure twice, cut once. we're measuring for the second time right now. >> reporter: they were gone before noon. that's when peggy of new hope appeared with flowers from her garden. and a heavy heart. >> it's just out of respect for
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the families. just very sad. i just want them to know that we're all behind them and thinking of the families. >> reporter: now peggy's son went to school graduated with do cosmo dinardo knows jimi patrick as well. they found nothing in the field today. that's why they left so early. real quickly we reported dinardo told investigators last thursday he killed two people in fill whole he was 15 years old. we asked the da about that today. if he'd comment or provide further detail. he absolutely would not talk about those claims. live in solebury, i'm jeff cole, fox 29 news. dawn, back to you. >> jeff, thank you. oj simpson will soon be a free man. juice has been granted parole after serving more than eight years for an armed robbery. late this afternoon a pa roll board in nevada voted unanimously for his release after rivetting two-hour hearing. simpson and his family even victim pleaded to the board to let the former pro football and movie star go free.
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oj simpson maintains the sports meme biehl ya in this robbery case belonged to him. >> it was my property. i wasn't there to steal from anybody. i would never ever pull a weapon on anybody. >> are you humbled by this incarceration. >> oh, ya, for sure. as i said i we shall it would have never happened. >> i've come here. i spent nine years making no excuses about anything. i am sorry that things turned out the way they did. i had no intent to commit a crime. >> we want him to go home and i know in my heart that he's very humbled. >> oj simpson will not be released immediately. he's expected to walk out of prison on october 1st. it may have been one of the most watched parole hearings and of course many people are talking about this all across our region. reactioning to the news about simpson's parole. our brad sattin talked with people moments after the news broke about oj simpson's up
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coming release. >> he joins us now in studio with more on that part of the story. brad. >> reporter: has people talking for sure. people vocal about their feelings on o judgment with the passage of time certainly less fiery. back in 1995, during his murder trial, there were you may remember oj watch parties. well today in the age of 24 hours news social median it seems so little that shocks us any more, one lunch time crowd barely took notice. >> food was on the minds of those stopping by melrose diner in south philly today, oj was not. >> are we still interested? >> no. you're not interest idea. >> no. >> nevada parole board's decision to release simpson did not create much of a stir here. few in fact were even watching as the announcement was made. >> quite a contrast to his acquittal on murder charges 22 years ago. >> not guilty of a crime of murder. [ cheers and applause ] >> god is good. he didn't do it. he didn't do it. god is good. >> you think he was guilty. >> without a doubt. >> reporter: more than two
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decades later -- >> i think the feelings kind of subside after time. after time because it was very emotional from the other trial. you know, everybody had an opinion. but after -- after time, so many other events that occur in the scope of life that you may have an opinion but they wayne. >> reporter: not for everyone. >> if that was my son or daughter there would be trouble. he wouldn't be wassing the streets. i think he's still a dangerous man and he should have been kept in. >> he had a smirk on his face. i don't think he learned his lesson. >> reporter: simpson' as quit tal in the ex-wife and his friend carried no weight on the parole board's decision. >> i think if they would have put that in there he probably would have served the rest of his term. i'm not happy witness decision. >> the ohs say it's time to move on. >> i think he deserved enough. >> reporter: is nine years enough? >> yes. record. >> reporter: he should be released. >> yes. >> reporter: why doyou think. >> everybody deserves a chance. >> many saying simply hats taken its toll and they are ojed out.
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>> i hope he move on. no more oj. no more oj. >> now oj told the parole board he was not interested in publicity or seeking media interviews if he got out. many diners say that's okay with them. but let's be honest here the reality he's about to become the hottest interview commodity in the world as of it looks like he's going to get out on objection first. guys? >> all rigt, brad, thank you. let's get a check of our weather. you know it's hot but kathy orr is cooling off because she's down the shore. if it's thursday that is where you'll find orr by the shore. >> kathy, you pick the perfect day to hit the beach. >> dawn, i saw your inn at a gram pictures you were down the shore and you know how beautiful this week has been. it's just unbelievable. take a look down beach to the south in sea isle city what day. guess what? unlike other weeks, no one is moving. why should we move because we know if we go one block inland it's eye oppressive and here it is so comfortable. we do have some severe weather to talk about though. take look at ultimate doppler. were he have a severe
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thunderstorm watch in effect from philadelphia and basically to the north and east until 10:00 o'clock tonight. no concerns down the shore. severe thunderstorm warning right now for carbon and monroe counties in the poconos and that's until 6:30. high so far today, oppressive, atlantic city 96. that's the highest number. philadelphia 95. and lower 90s everywhere else but with the humidity it feels like 98 in philadelphia. 103 in atlantic city. 111 in dover. excessive heat continues right through tomorrow. so a repeat performance and coming up we'll talk more about that extended heat wave. fifth heat wave of the season more storm chances and of course we will have your weekend outlook and guess what? people are even eating -- >> kathy we have pizza for you. >> oh, george. >> where did you come from? >> we love it. >> george ordered some pizza and guess what, guys he has dinner and george i'll take one. >> go ahead. >> if you don't mine. >> he has one more week of vacation. how has the week been. >> it's been awesome. weather has been great. we love fox. >> there you go. i didn't even put him up to
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this. thank, george. let me get my slice. >> the suppose looks good. >> save you some, guys. >> sure you will. >> enjoy. >> all right, iain this is yours. >> thank you kathy. let me know how it is. george, thanks, we love you too, buddy. thanks for watching. >> kathy has din are in already. delaware county man who confessed to shooting and seriously injuring a police officer today learned his sentence. 34-year-old donte island will serve 33 to 100 years in prison. prosecutors say he shot folcroft police officer christopher dorman seven times in june of last year. dorman was critically wounded but is now back on the force. he was at that sentencing hearing today. >> i think i'm very fortunate that i'm here and able to speak today and i was able to see dante get this sentence that he did. as far as police officers are a target in this country and this world today, and i think there needs to be strictor sentences on any crimes against law enforcement. >> fortunately, he recovered. we thank god that that occurred.
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but they have to -- officer dorman has to live with that every single day the fact that he was shot. >> officer dorman's mother addressed the court in an emotional speech asking for the maximum sentence. but the judge stopped short of giving that taking into consideration island's public apology to officer dorman and his family. a man was murdered in southwest philadelphia shot in the head last night and police are now on the hunt for the gunman. 28-year-old kareem singleton was found shot in the 5600 block of gibson drive. he was lying face down and unresponsive. he was pronounced dead at the scene. at this time there are no suspects the investigation and the motive on going. seven police officers involved in shooting in kensington last night. philadelphia and septa police fired at a man when they say he pointed his gun at them. the violent seen was caught on the septa police officer's body camera. >> it has since been shared with the public. fox 29's dave schratwieser joins us live at police headquarters and dave a crazy seen all caught on video.
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>> reporter: no doubt about it. we were there last night. it was a crazy scene. septa police today quick to release that body cam video their officers involved in that shooting after a suspect carrying a gun pointed it right at them and they opened fire. that suspect tonight in the hospital with wounds from the shooting and facing some very serious charges. >> hey, hey, hands up, hands up, hands up! >> your bleep hands up!? [ gunfire ] >> reporter: it was a chaotic and pressure packed scene caught on body cameras as septa and philadelphia police encountered an open fire on an armed suspect on the front porch of a home in the 400 block of east somerset street. >> you hear the officers yelling, you know, drop it, drop it, it's -- it's obvious that something tense is occurring. a firearm was recovered. >> reporter: septa video shows the suspect pointing a gun at arriving officers after police got reports of a shooting and a man with a gun.
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seven officers opened fire on the suspect. four philly police officers, three from septa. wearing body cameras. septa officials decided to release the video. >> we want to provide what -- what we could early on so that people could, cork see what we have. >> reporter: the video emerged as details of the shooting when under investigation. by philadelphia police internal affairs. septa police are also conducting an internal investigation. >> i think that we have to, um, provide that, that's correct video fort public. you know, it should be a public program, not a private investigative tool. >> he got the gun. he do with the gun police. the police not stupid. he got the gun. the police got gun, too. the police shoot him, too. >> reporter: investigators say moments before the police involved shooting the suspect identified as jose lebron had shot his 48-year-old wife juanita in a home nearby. she was raced to the hospital by police in critical condition with a gunshot wound to the ne neck. >> my brother-in-law, he good
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person. i don't know what happened. maybe the devil... the people got problem. you know, the devil. >> reporter: now lebron faces attempted murder, aggravated assault and weapons offenses much police would not say how many shots were fired by police last night in that face off. iain? >> all right, dave, thank you. a lawsuit against a local fraternity. the lack of action a family says nearly killed their son and how they want to make sure nothing like that ever happens again. sean? dawn the flyers number one pick nolan patrick is dealing with something i've never really heard of before. find out why he can't practice later in sports.
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nash berth family on mission to make sure what happened to them never happens to anyone else. >> they're suing two drexel university fraternities self members of both an local bar after their son suffered a catastrophic and life altering brain injury because they say no one called 911.
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now this is surveillance video of two fraternity members carrying frat brother iain mc gibbon back to the frat house in september of 2015. the college junior had been knocked unconscious following a fight with members of another drexel university fraternity. his family says he was dumped on a couch where a risk manager for the fraternity stayed with him for couple of hours and then went to bed. ten hours later, his worried parents drove to the fraternity house themselves where they found him covered in vomit and blood. >> they just need to know that they have to call. they shouldn't second guess. they shouldn't try to hide anything. they just have to call when things are bad. >> university's needed to better job of telling people you won't get in trouble. this is something that we applaud because we want to safe lives. >> iain who's now 23 years old has had four brain surgeries, suffers seizures and memory loss and has no use at all of his left arm. the parties named in the lawsuit
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could not be reached or have no comment at this time. drexel university did however release a statement offering its steadfast sympathy and support for iain mc gibbon and his family. the university saying it does have a protocol that gives students amnesty from disciplinary action when calling the property authorities about a situation involving students who need emergency care. let's get back to your fox 29 weather authority now as we take live look at allentown and you know the heat is on out there everywhere. no doubt it is summer in july. it's what we're in for fort next seven days. your forecast is just 15 seconds away. ♪ let's get back down to meteorologist kathy orr. see if she finish that peas. >> i think she's having a whole lot of fun in sea isle city. kathy? >> you guys, that was just a
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tease. iain i would never eat your food. i have something else, though, very delicious that i can really bring back for you. now, one of the things down the shore that everybody loves to do aside from the beach is go to dinner and -- >> eats. >> where do you like to go? >> mike's. >> mike's seafood and dan and reece are here from mike's seafood and you have some really delicious things for to us try. >> yes, i do. >> what do you have? >> today we have mike's famous crab balls. >> which are my all time favorite. >> mine, too. >> very delicious. >> i haven't had this. >> these are clams casino balls. >> wow. >> okay. >> and door number three. >> door number three we have new this year our lobster mack and cheese balls. >> lobster mack and cheese. >> lobster mack and cheese. >> i'll let you guy guys feed ts wonderful group here. i'll did little weather we'll be back to talk, all right.3 >> all right, kathy. >> let's talk a little bit. go ahead guys. they'll serve you talk little bit about the weather going on at home f you're thinking about coming down the shore this weekend, don't hesitate.
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we do have few storms though to the north. we have a severe thunder storm watch in effect for philadelphia north and east until about 10:0. because those storms that are near scranton we have a severe thunderstorm warning until 6:30 for carbon and monroe counties. these storms obviously have some damaging winds and torrential downpours because of the heat and the humidity. the high so far in atlantic city 96. 95 in philadelphia. 90's in trenton, wilmington, allentown and reading with had humidity it feels so much hotter. so we are talking about that heat and humidity combining to make it feel like it is so much hotter across the delaware valley. and we're going to continue to see that heat and humidity for oh, my gosh, at least the next several days. now, temperatures around the region are going to be warm. the heat index is hot as well. we have high temperatures in the 90s, 80s down the shore. right now it feels like it's about 102 in millville. atlantic city it feels like it's 103. and those dew points are high in the 60s and well into the 70s.
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and that means we are going to be in for it even during the day tomorrow. more excessive heat is expected. so tonight, a few evening scattered showers and storms especially philadelphia north and east. it's going to be warm. it's going to be muggy. the low temperature 79. tomorrow the high temperature 9. hazy, hot and humid with pop up afternoon shower or storm. let's talk about down the shore, shall we? mostly sunny friday. mostly sunny saturday. high temperatures in the 80s. you walk on to that beach you get that beautiful sea breeze. and it cuts the humidity big time. on your seven day forecast from the weather authority, saturday 93. sunday 92. monday 91. that makes it a seven-day heat wave the longest of the season. we break the heat on tuesday. tuesday, wednesday and thursday high temperatures are going to be in the 80s. that's a little bit of a break. okay. so back here live, we have our crab, we have our clams casino and we have our lobster. so tell us how busy it has been
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with seafood this summer. >> my goodness, it's been unbelievable busy. mike's seafood halls l always has a line our roar breaking day was the weekend before jul july 4th. >> uh-huh. >> wow that's interesting. >> we did 301 slips. >> what's that mean. >> 301 -- >> slips. cooked orders. >> cooked orders. holy cow. we'll have a few more tonight because these are my favorite. guys, we'll send some back to the studio. thanks so much. we love mike. thanks for coming down reece. zen it back to you guys in the studio. you know what, i know our sports department likes this, too. we'll zen it over to you guys. >> i want those lobster mack and cheese balls. >> those are good. >> we're coming right back after this.
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♪ the phillies with a day off after winning their first series of the month. they'll be back at home tomorrow night to take on the slumping will milwaukee brewers. phils have actually won three out of their last four games. they're starting to get on a roll a little bit. to the flyers the sixers jr. luck may be rubbing off on them for the second day in a row nolan patrick did not 68 with the team because of a face if he can. i've never even heard of something like that. the flyers haven't given any details on the infection. patrick already missed the team's developmental camp because he was recovering from sports hernia surgery. yeah. not good. but on good note happy birthday to ben simmons. today his 21st b day finally legal so his friends/boss lebron james gave him a special shout
6:25 pm
out on twitter. lebron tweeted, happy b day to my little bro, ben simmons. that boy 21 now. ut-oh, let's go have is a shirley temple with a twist. and no, no, don't read into this, okay. lebron is not coming to philly. don't read too much into this tweet. to the open championship first round on the 14th, look at this long birdie by jordan speith. picture perfect nailed it. he shot a 65, five under on the day and he's currently in three-way tie at the top of the leader board. two guys tied at fourth including paul casey and there's a bunch of guys at three un. so nobody separating themselves on the first day. to the nfl eagles training camp is only four days away. we finally get our football back eagles are coming into the season with lot of questions but a lot of expectations at the same time. we caught up with meryl reece the eagles play by play guy earlier this week and he expects a lot from this team this year.
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>> i think this is going to be a special year. by special year, i mean that i go in anticipating a team with play off ability. i'm not telling you that this is a super bowl team. but i think this team can be very very competitive in the nflc east and i really would be disappointed in they don't make the playoffs. >> again, merrell has to say that. works for the team. >> he has to say playoffs. big things. >> playoffs? >> he'll say that every year. but i'm just happy football is back. >> i know. >> absolutely. >> i'm sick -- there's nothing to talk about in july for sports. finally we get to talk about something. >> you're right. >> football. >> cannot wait. join us tonight at 10:00 as we're on top of developing news out of nevada. oj simpson will walk out of prison in october. a board unanimously grants him parole. where do we go from here tonight at 10:00. >> that will do it for us at sick 6:00 o'clock. >> have a great night. i witness is up next.
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